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This is a story done in the classroom, I thought it was very funny, I hope you like ..

This is the story of a young man of 23 years old, who robbed a bank in Maracaibo. After robbing the bank he ran to his home. Hours later the police catch the thief and took him to testify. After questioning the criminal, he was arrested and jailed. That`s what happens when you break the law.

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miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011


Here I speak a little bit about State Fair virgin Chiquinquira, I hope you like it ; ).

November is a month of special significance for the people of Zulia, because in this time of the year several celebrations are held in honor of the Virgen de la Chinita or Chiquinquirá. It is for this reason that during these days, the GAITA sounds with particular frenzy and joy throughout the Zulia. Of the many festivals in honor of the Virgin, perhaps the most impressive one is the so-called AMANECER GAITERO, in which the people of Maracaibo is assembled on the morning of the 18th, in the plaza of the Basilica, and sing Happy Birthday to our mother Virgin.


According to the tradition, the Chinita reached Maracaibo through the waves of our lake. The story goes like this: one simple day in 1749, a humble woman washing clothes on the shores of Lake Maracaibo, suddenly saw a thin wooden board floating near her, which she picked up thinking it might be useful to cover the jar of water that was in the hallway of her house. The next morning, when she was straining the coffee, she heard a knock as if someone was calling. She went to see what was happening and was overwhelmed with astonishment to see that wooden board was shining and appearing on it, the image of Our Lady of Chiquinquirá. For this reason, the woman began to cry miracle!Miracle!, So hence comes the name of the current Miracle on Lake Avenue, where the washer lived. After what happened, many people came to witness this miracle, and so the home of the humble woman turned into a place of veneration for many believers


                PLAZA DE LA VIRGEN

This is my Gaita favorite, sings Ricardo Cepeda, is my favorite because it's a beautiful Gaita, and we are proud zuliano .. I hope you like ..

These are the lyrics to this beautiful gaita..


yo vengo de la pobreza de donde la vida es dura
 de un ranchito sin pintura
 donde existe la humildad
 siempre recuerdo a mama con un rosario en la mano
 rezando por mis hermanos a la chiquinquira

En mi rancho esta la razón de mi existencia
 una historia una vivencia un ejemplo familiar
 que llora cuando hay que llorar y ríe con evidencia(bis)

 mi ranchito es como el tuyo esa es la pura verdad
 lo quiero tanto lo arrullo con infinita humildad
 ese rancho tan querido el mismo donde nací
 allí tengo mi raíz por eso nunca lo olvido

 en mi rancho esta la razón de mi existencia
 una historia una vivencia un ejemplo familiar
 que llora cuando hay que llorar y ríe con evidencia(bis)

 en mi ranchito hay un radio una modesta cocina
 y una virgen que ilumina mi querido santuario
 una mesa de tablitas un retrato de los viejos
son los hermosos recuerdos de mi linda mamasita

en mi rancho esta la razón de mi existencia
 una historia una vivencia un ejemplo familiar
 que llora cuando hay que llorar hay ríe con evidencia(bis)

 mi corazón se conmueve cuando cae un aguacero
 escampa afuera primero por que mi rancho se llueve
 deberíamos por derecho o simplemente al nacer
 la alegría de tener cuatro paredes y un techo

 en mi rancho esta la razón de mi existencia
 una historia una vivencia un ejemplo familiar
 que llora cuando hay que llorar y ríe con evidencia(bis)

Fuente: musica.com

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Here, in this collage, I'm showing my four favorite dishes..

I love EMPANADAS and PABELLÓN are very good local food, i hope you like it. Coment please..

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Here I speak a little of my favorite food, "PIZZA"

My favorite food is pizza. This is a popular Italian dish. It is delicious and buttery. It have much tomatoes and cheese. Is filled with ham and sauce. We eat it with our hands. This food despite being Italian is very famous in Venezuela.

I love the pizza is delicious. I hope you liked, please coment..

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miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011


Next I'm going to resolve a simple present exercise to practice my english.

The excercises were very easy, but i learned a lot from them.

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On this activity I explain my time in the school...


When i was younger i went to school in Lagunillas, its name is San Jose institute and being there was pretty nice and big. I used to play soccer there and I was in the institute soccer selection, I wasn’t a pretty good student but I was just fine, I had a lot of friend, finally I graduated in 2007, I love my school.

All my class on our last year of school.

Carlos and Ray with me, three old friends

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This are the most important people in my life, with them I share my day by day..

Finally I hope you have enjoyed my participation, this are the persons of my life..

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